Model PEL-18 LED/ PEL-28R-LED
Mode Non-maintained
Weight 0.98 kg (PEL-18LED) / 1.6 kg (PEL-28R-LED)
Battery 3.6V 1.0AH Ni-cad
Housing EG steel with powder coated paint, acrylic diffuser
Charger Constant Current
Mounting Surface or Recess mounted on ceiling
Dimension 360 L x 110 W x 70 H (mm) PEL-18LED

410L x 165 W x 100 H (mm) PEL-28R-LED

Monitoring Red LED “ON” indicates charging.

Equipped with push test switch to simulate power failure

Compliance SIRIM MS 619-2-22:2005. MS IEC 60598-1:2012

Jabatan Bomba Dan Penyelamat Malaysia Certified.

Light source 18 pcs super bright LED (SMD)
Lamp Wattage 1.20W
Input Voltage 240V +/- 10% 50Hz
Recharge Period 16-24 hours
Back-up Duration 3 hours
Battery Protection Low voltage cut-off to prevent battery from over discharging
Ingress of Protection IP-20
Operating Temperature 0 ° C to 65 ° C
Lumen 99.13 lm
Input Power ~2.8 W
C.C.T 1294 l
C.R.I 80